Defensive Handgun I

Course Length:  3.0 Hrs: 2 Hours (Classroom), 1 Hours (Range)

Prerequisite: None. Handgun ownership is not a requirement.


Class Size: 10 max


Cost:  310.US

Taxes, fees, range time, and ammunition are not included in course cost.

10% Discount for Law Enforcement, Military, NAAGA and NRA members

Defensive Handgun I is our introductory course for those with little or no experience with handguns. In this course participants will be introduced to the safe handling, functioning and operation of semi-automatic and revolver handguns, as well as the fundamentals of marksmanship. Students will also learn proper techniques for drawing and presenting a handgun, as well as techniques for safely, quickly and reflexively employing the handgun in defense of self or others.  


Firearm ownership is not a prerequisite for this course. The course's instructor(s) will assist those who don’t own a firearm with both selection and the purchasing process.  Defensive Handgun I (DH-I) has two (2) training modules, the first module (A) being classroom (non-firing) instruction and the second part (Module B) being conducted at a firing-range (live-fire) instruction. Module A consists of 2.0 total hours of instruction. Module B (“Range”) is approximately 1.0 hours of instruction. The DH-I course can be taken as either a one (1) or two (2) day course. Participants can take the entire 3.0 hour course on one day or elect to take the modules on separate days. If a participant elects to the 2-day course offering, Module B must be completed within 2 weeks after having taken Module A. DH-I is open to individuals, couples and small groups.


Participants must be a minimum of 21 years of age, be a U.S. Citizen, be of good character, and possess a clear criminal history. Participants are responsible for satisfying all course fees seven (14.0) days prior to the course’s scheduled date. And, unless otherwise stated, in addition to the course fee, participants are responsible for any and all range fees; rental of protective equipment; targets; and ammunition upon attending the course.


Instruction Includes:

  • Basic Firearm & Range Safety

  • Firearm Mechanics & Nomenclature

  • Firearm Selection Consulting

  • Holster Selection Consulting

  • Fundamentals of Handgun Marksmanship

  • State Firearm Laws and Codes and Legal Rights and Responsibilities

  • Use of Force In Defense of Self and Others

  • Pre-Assault Indicators

  • Tactical and Emergency reloads

  • Malfunction Clearing


Required Gear

  • 200 rounds of brass-cased FMJ ammunition (Can be purchased at the range)

  • Eye and Ear Protection (Rentals Available)

  • Long Sleeve Shirt (Range)

  • Pants

  • Comfortable Footwear

  • Notepad

  • (2) writing pens


Recommended Gear (Optional):

  • Bottled water

  • Light Snack (Trail Mix, Fruit, Protein Bar, etc.)


  • Social distancing observed (During verbal instruction)

  • Face Masks and/ or Face Shields Required

  • Face masks will be available for purchase 2. US

  • Face Shields are available for purchase 20. US

* Taxes, fees and range time and ammunition are not included in course cost