Personal Defense II

Course Length:  2.0 Hours


Prerequisite: Personal Defense II


Class Size: 10 -20 participants 


Cost:  210.US

Ammunition and/ or required gear are not included in the course cost

10% Discount for Law Enforcement, Military, NAAGA and NRA members

Personal Defense II (PDII) is an advanced self defense class. This course expands upon the concepts and tactics texplored in our introductory offering, Personal Defense I. PDII's curriculum focuses primarily on responding to armed attacks, dealing with multiple attackers, and fight fitness conditioning. In this class you will sweat! Students will practice, repeatedly, defending against a wide variety of full-out simulated attacks. 

Key Topics Covered

  • "You, The Weapon!"(A Brief Review)

  • Situational Awareness Fundamentals (A Brief Review)

  • The Defensive Mindset (A Brief Review)

  • Understanding Threat & Pre-Fight Indicators (A Brief Review) 

  • Redefining the "Line of Attack" 

  • Intermediate Hand Strikes: Anatomy & Practical Applications

  • Intermediate Kicks: Anatomy & Practical Applications

  • Defending Against Common Holds & Chokes

  • Escaping Common Holds & Chokes

  • Basic Defenses Against Armed Attacks


Required Gear​

  • Workout attire or Daily Wear* (Both a short and Long Sleeve shirt, long pants, comfortable footwear)

  • Sport Undergarments (for women)

  • Running or Cross-Trainer style Athletic Shoes

  • Clear Eye Protection**

  • Mask or Face Covering (Required COVID-19 Protocol)**


Successful completion of NOVA's Personal Defense course (PD-I) class is required prior to taking our Edged, Impact and Improvised Weapons II course. Why? The fundamental Situational Awareness, Threat & Risk Assessment and Lawful Use of Force concepts presented in our PD-I course will greatly help and support your uptake and appreciation of the close-quarter self-defense techniques and tactics our edged weapons classes. Furthermore, this is a mentally and physically demanding class, and PD-I typically serves a gentle introduction to the  more demanding pace of the defensive edged weapon curriculum and practice. And, even in taking PD-I, we implore you to manage your expectations accordingly and read the Required Gear List above in order to be adequately prepared.  For your comfort and safety, and to support your full participation in the practical exercises and drills practiced in this course, we utilize "inert" training aids and protective equipment.  ​

*   This is a physically demanding class. Please consider that clothing may become torn, dirtied or sweaty.

**  Eye protection is not included in the cost of the course but can be purchased for 5. US Dollars.


  • Social distancing observed (During verbal instruction)

  • Face Masks and/ or Face Shields Required

  • Face masks will be available for purchase 2. US

  • Face Shields are available for purchase 20. US