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This is our introductory firearms course for those with little to no experiece safely and efficiently operating a handgun, and/or for those interested in buying their first handgun. To learn more about this course, or register, please click this course's title above.

DHI is our intermediate handgun offering. It builds upon the fundamentals and tactics introduced in our Defensive Handgun I course and places more emphasis on movement. Successfully completion of DHI is a prerequisite. To see this courses full details, please click on the title above.

This is our advanced handgun course. Successful completion of both DHI and DHII is a must, becasue this course will smoke you! Its designed to push you to the limit, both tactically and physically. For complete details on what this course's curriculum, click on the title.

This course focuses exclusively on the practice of techniques to retain, draw and present your weapon. The techniques and tactics taught in this class are all martially inspired and heavily emphasize and expand upon the breath control concepts expressed in our other handgun courses. To register please, click the course title above.

In this course you will learn both the critical mental and tactical skills necessary to defend against a knife attack with your bare hands as well as how to effectively deploy and use your own EDC (Everyday Carry) knife. If you don't already own an EDC folder knife, no worries! In this class we'll also help you choose the type of knife that best suits your needs, circumstances and lifestyle! To register please, click the course title above.

While it might protect you while actially doing so, this course is no walk in the park! In PDI we cover basic empty hand self-defense concepts against a multidue of attacks - punches, kicks, chokes, take-downs, etc. And much like in our firearms courses, the training is reality-based and physically intensive. Click this courses' title to learn more.


This course is a follow up to PDI. Continuing with many of the concepts and tactics explored in PDI, PDII progresses to defenses and countermeasures against multiple attackers and armed attacks, with an empahasis on edged weapons and firearms. To learn more about this course, click the title.

Home Defense focuses on a full range of protective measures to secure your home, including strategies and tactics in preparation and response to natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and mass crisises. Topics covered include How To Compose a EDC and GOODIE bags. To get started click this courses's title.

This provides strategies, guidance and a proven plan for surviving an active shooter event.  Topics include the history and prevalence of active shooter events, the role of professional guardians, civilian response options, medical issues, and drills. Both DHI and DII are prerequisites. Click the title to learn more about this class.

Edged, Impact & Improvised Weapons II

The second offering in this course series, this class further progresses the concepts presented in EID-I. The focus is strictly on the hands-on practice of practical defensive knife techniques in response to a lethal attack by an armed assailant. To register please, click the course title above.

Advanced Security & Emergency Response Training For Handlers

We created this course specifically for support personnel who serve as Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Nannies, or Estate Managers to high-net worth individuals. It introduces and trains non-security handlers in some of the tactical and emergency protocols observed by close-protection teams. To enroll in this course please click the title.

Be it  several of your family and friends, co-workers or your college fratenity brothers, we'll be happy to arrange a private, closed session self-defense or firearms course for your group.  For more details, please click the title above. 

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