Home & Family Defense I

Course Length:  4.0 Hours


Prerequisite: None


Class Size:  10 or Private Custom Available 


Cost:  $199 US* (Group)  $500 (Private, In-Home)**

Taxes, fees, range time and ammunition are not included.

10% Discount for Law Enforcement, Military, NAAGA and NRA members

This course focuses on providing you instruction in how to develop a comprehensive home safety, security and family defense plan. It then presents an overview of the critical skill sets you will need to develop necessary to subsequently maintain and, in the event of an emergency, activate the respective measures of your home protection and family defense plan. After completing this course many clients choose to fortify and expand their capabilities by taking a combination of our Defensive Handgun I, Personal Defense I, K-9 Protection and/ or MED I courses.  

This course can be taken in either a group setting or as a customized, in-home offering. Topics covered include:

  • The Defensive Mindset

  • The Situational Awareness Matrix

  • Threat & Conflict Avoidance

  • Threat Identification & Pre-Conflict Indicators

  • Fire Prevention & Response Planning

  • Medical Emergency Response Planning

  • Family Security Plan Architecture & Development 

  • Counter-Intrusion Hard & Soft Measures for the Home

  • Critical Event After-Action Procedures (Interacting with 9-1-1 Dispatchers, Police, Fire & EMS) 

Recommended Add-ons and/or Complimentary Skill Development Courses:

  • NOVA's "Bug Out"& GOODIE Bag Preparation Course

  • CPR/AED Training Certification (NOVA's MED I)  

  • Advanced First Aid Training (NOVA's MED II)

  • Gunshot Wound & Major Trauma Medical Response Training (NOVA's MED III)

  • Self-Defense Tactics & Training (NOVA's Personal Defense I)

  • Firearms Training (NOVA's Defensive Handgun I) 

  • K-9 Protection Training

  • Full Immersion, Scenario Based Training**

* Base, group rate per individual. Does not include customization or any add-on classes. 

** Custom, private offering only. Call or email info@novatraininggroup.net to schedule a consultation.  


  • Social distancing observed (During verbal instruction)

  • Face Masks and/ or Face Shields Required

  • Face masks will be available for purchase 2. US

  • Face Shields are available for purchase 20. US