Personal Defense I

Course Length:  2.0 Hours 


Prerequisite: None


Class Size:  5-10 participants


Cost:  199.US

Ammunition and required gear are not included in course cost.

10% Discount for Law Enforcement, Military, NAAGA and NRA members

Personal Defense One (PDI) is our introductory self defense course. It is designed to equip participants with basic, yet efficient and effective, self defense skills. But in no way is this course like the generic, watered-down self-defense courses offered by many schools. PDI participants undergo an intense, three hour, introduction to practical tactics proven to be effective in evading or defending against a physical attack.  And though we're certain to make the training as realistic as possible, we also ensure that the instruction isn't overwhelming or overly complicated by following a streamlined curriculum that presents techniques that are both simplistic and instinctive. In a safe, controlled environment, we run students run through an evolution of various conflict simulations ranging from an armed robbery to "Wrong Place, Wrong Time"scenarios.

Key Topics Covered

  • "You, The Weapon!"

  • Situational Awareness Fundamentals

  • The Defensive Mindset

  • Understanding Threat & Pre-Fight Indicators

  • Understanding the Tools of Violence

  • Basic Blocks & Strikes

  • Vital Targets

  • The "Fighting Stance" 

  • Overview of the Lawful Use of Force


Required Gear​

  • Workout attire or Daily Wear* (Both a short and Long Sleeve shirt, long pants, comfortable footwear)

  • Sport Undergarments (for women)

  • Running or Cross-Trainer style Athletic Shoes

  • Clear Eye Protection**

  • Mask or Face Covering (Required COVID-19 Protocol)**

There is no prerequisite for this course. but we do strongly suggest reviewing the Required Gear List below in order to be adequately prepared.  For your safety and comfort, and to promote your full participation in the practical exercises and drills practiced in this course, we utilize "inert" training aids and protective equipment.  

*   This is a physically demanding class. Please consider that clothing may become torn, dirtied or sweaty.

**  Eye protection is not included in the cost of the course but can be purchased for 5. US Dollars.

**  Face masks will be available for purchase 2. US

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