G.B.H. Bag Prep
Martial Arts Training
Firearm Training

Course Length:  3 Days/ 24+ Hours*

Location:  NOVA Training Facility | Atlanta, GA

Class Size:  1 - 7

Cost:   1,500.US

We specifically designed this course for those who work for high-net worth individuals, executives or celebrities. The purpose of this course is to provide handlers and support personnel with fundamental training in response to emergencies or critical incidents that may occur in public spaces, at special events, while in transit, or at a client's home or workplace. Participants will be provide instruction in a myriad of disciplines ranging from basic first aid and empty-hand self defense tactics to crisis preparation and firearms training. The intent of this course is not to train students to function as security personnel, but rather be able to provide emergency aid or critical support to their principal in the absence of a protective detail, or should the security detail be compromised.


Over the course of three days, students will be trained in basics tactics and procedures to prepare for, and survive, Critical Incidents, Active Shooter, Mass Casualty Attacks, and various Natural Disasters. ASSET™ training includes Basic First Aid, CPR and AED certification; Aikijujutsu based self defense techniques; firearm instruction (both classroom and range); reality-based tactical scenarios; and abundant practice in communication procedures and methods. The live-fire training module focuses heavily on safe operating procedures, the use of cover and concealment, and "Shoot-No Shoot" decision making. This course contains "force-on-force" training only as it relates to empty hand defense, edged weapons, and weapon retention techniques.


Participants must be a minimum of 21 years of age, be a U.S. Citizen, be of good character, and possess a clear criminal history, and be in good medical and physical condition. Unless included in the package cost*, participants are responsible for satisfying all course fees thirty (30.0) days prior to the course’s scheduled date, in addition to any and all range fees; rental of protective equipment; targets; and ammunition.* Not all course packages include the cost of range fees, protective equipment, targets or ammunition.


Training Block (Day 1):

  • Things To Consider When Working With A Security Detail (Second Line Of Defense Protocols)

  • Things To Do When Working In Absence Of A Security Detail (First Line of Defense Protocols)

  • Your Legal Rights and Responsibilites In The Defense of Self And Others

  • The Anatomy Of A Security And Emergency Plans

  • How To Interpret A Security Advance And Site Assessment Reports

  • Basic Security Protocols and Procedures For A Principal's Residence and Workplace

  • Basic Security Protocols and Procedures For Vehicle and Airline Movements

  • Observing And Managing Cross-Function Security Logistics

  • Interfacing with Security, Law Enforcement, Medical and Fire Personnel In An Emergency

  • Incident Report Writing And Record Keeping

  • Crisis And Emergency Preparation Procedures

  • Tactical Scenario Training With EDC Bag

  • Tactical Scenario Training With GBH KIt


Training Block (Day 2):

  • Basic Firearm & Range Safety

  • Firearm Mechanics & Nomenclature

  • Firearm Selection

  • Carry & Holster Selection

  • Fundamentals of Handgun Marksmanship

  • Fundamental Mechanics of Defensive Shooting (Drawing and Presentation of Weapon and Shooting and Moving)

  • Critical State Firearm Codes

  • Use of Force in Defense of Self and Others and Legal Rights and Responsibilities

  • Pre-assault Indicators

  • Anatomy Of The Target

  • High Stress Marksmanship

  • Confronting Multiple Threats

  • Tactical and Emergency Reloads

  • Malfunction Clearing 

  • Pushing through/fighting retreats

  • Edge Weapon Defensive Tactics

  • Improvised Weapons Tactics


Training Block (Day 3):

  • Basic First Aid (Adults)

  • Basic First Aid (Children)

  • CPR (Adults)

  • CPR (Children)

  • AED

  • Tac-Med Triage and Support 

  • Written Proficiency Examination

  • Practical Proficency Examination


Required Gear

  • 3 sets of typically daily wear (To include longsleeve shits, long pants, footwear, coat, etc.)

  • Typical footwear worn while in-service

  • Jacket (Fall or Winter Courses)

  • Back Pack, Attache or Messenger Bag

  • Workout attire

  • Running or Cross-trainer Athletic Shoes

  • Handgun with 3 magazines* 

  • 300 rounds of brass cased FMJ ammunition

  • Eye and Ear Protection

  • Handgun with 3 magazines*

  • Handheld flashlight

  • Spare flashlight batteries

  • Belt Holster

  • Hat


Optional Gear

  • Tactical Gloves

  • Sunbloc

  • Hydration Pack (i.e., Camelback)

  • Firearm Field cleaning kit

  • Basic maintenance tools

  • Knee and elbow pads

  • Additional magazines for all weapons


* Handgun rentals and ammunition can be supplied upon request


  • Social distancing observed (During verbal instruction)

  • Face Masks and/ or Face Shields Required

  • Face masks will be available for purchase 2. US

  • Face Shields are available for purchase 20. US