Bundle Packages 

For all those who's idea of the perfect week would include hitting the gym, going to the gun range, and learning Jujitsu... Man, do we have the perfect program for you!


NOVA and our sister company, ARCFIT, have come together to make getting both the body you want and, learning to protect the one you have, quite possible!

Our RUN&GUN™ monthly bundle packages allow you the option to combine your self-defense, fitness, and/or firearm training into one, concise, program experience that's sure to meet all of your personal defense and fitness needs, as well as your schedule and  budget!

We offer three different monthly RUN&GUN™ training packages - Platinum, Gold and Silver:

  • Platinum Package - Includes all three training services we offer - Jujitsu-based Self-Defense Training, Defensive Handgun Instruction and ARCFIT™, a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) fitness system designed specifically for the development of physical attributes related to armed defensive responses. 

  • Gold Package - This monthly package includes training in both Defensive Firearm Training and ARCFIT. 

  • Silver Package - This package allows you to choose and train in any two our offerings. 

Purchased independently, this bundle of services would cost over $1,000 per month. But register before Saturday, 12 September 2020 and get all the way right for nearly half the price! Click below to sign up now before this promo expires. 

Invite and Friend And Your Training Is FREE!

Everything's better with a friend! And that's especially true for self-defense and firearm training! 

At NOVA, we understand that when a mother trains with her daughter, a husband trains with his wife, or when two "best-buds" train together, it makes for a more relaxed, yet safer and responsible learning environment.  

So, in honor of all those who go the extra step to make sure both they and their loved ones "Live Safer!™, we're allowing you to train for FREE!


Through our PLUS+ONE™ promotion, simply invite a friend to attend any of our self defense or firearm training courses with you, and the cost of your course is on us! *

Sign Up Today! Both space and this offer are limited. Offer ends Saturday, 12 September 2020. 

* In order to redeem this promotion, your training partner or referral ("Plus One") must register and satsify the cost for their enrollment for any one of our firearm or self defense training courses. Your Plus+One guest does not have to attend the same class you do.