Saturday 25, March 2017     |     10:00 AM EST     |     South River Gun Club          

Hosted by the National African American Gun Association, The Trifecta™ is an exciting obstacle course style, handgun training event featuring innovative exercises designed to promote and reinforce the three critical fundamentals of defensive shooting — Management, Marksmanship and Movement.


Designed and curated by NOVA Dynamic Training Group, The Trifecta™ presents unique takes on skill drill classics such as the El Presidente, The Corridor, and Threading the Needle with the intention of offering NAAGA members an opportunity to develop, or further refine, the most essential elements of safe, responsible, and effective handgun operation.


With a focus on the deep practice of the basics, participants will be introduced to the safe handling, functioning and operation of semi-automatic handguns, as well as the fundamentals of marksmanship. Students will also learn proper techniques for drawing and presenting a handgun, as well as techniques for safely, quickly and reflexively employing the handgun in defense of self or others.  

But don’t be fooled or dismayed! The Trifecta™ is not your ordinary, 'ol basic handgun course.  Equal parts martial intelligence, technical, and tactical, with a strong focus on both self and situational awareness, the "Tri” is an intense training experience that will push you to your physical and mental limits. And, should you train as Usheiba Sensei (the founder of Aikido) suggests, it just might "polish your spirit" as well!

Register NOW! Space is LIMITED and the EXTENDED DEADLINE is approaching!


                                                     * Prior to purchasing your ticket, please read the cursory terms below


  • The EXTENDED registration deadline is WED 22, MARCH 2017 at 19:06 HRS EST.

  • The maximum enrollment is 20 persons., therefore registration is limited and is on a "first come, first admitted" basis. NAAGA Life and Platinum members, and those members having completed a NOVA training course in the previous 3 months, are offered guaranteed admittance. 

  • The Trifecta™ is open to shooters of all skill levels.

  • All participants must be a US citizen, free of any felony convictions, and at least 21 years of age. 

  • All participants must be current member of the National African American Gun Association. (To join, click NAAGA)

  • There is a non-refundable registration fee of $150 US (Extended Deadline Cost), per participant. (see Terms of Participation)

  • Prior to registering, please click on, and review, the Terms of Participation

  • Prior to registering, please click on, and review, the required Gear List.

  • All participants must sign a Waiver and Release of Liability.

  • Prior to registering,seek medical advice to determine that you're healthy enough to participate in vigorous exercise.

  • The Trifecta™ is an outdoor training event. Please monitor the weather closely and dress accordingly. 

  • The Trifecta™ is a semi-automatic pistol only course, and some calibers are restricted. (see Terms of Participation)


South River Gun Club

5205 GA-212

 Covington, GA   30016